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About Bookkeeping and More...

​​I have been servicing small businesses in the Hudson and Mohawk Valley areas for over 15 years.  Clients include manufacturing, retail, wholesale, property management, land development and construction.  Their business locations run from Fonda to Albany to Altamont and in between.  
An Accounting degree, coupled with years of office and bookkeeping experience, and training in multiple software solutions, including QuickBooks Online Certification, enables me to analyze your needs and recommend the proper solution for your business.  It is of the utmost importance to provide professional services tailored to industry specific and personal standards.  Each business, and each owner, has specific business and personal needs to be met.  There are Accounting standards, but there is no "one size fits all"  accounting/bookkeeping solution.
This is where professional meets personal.  
I provide varying levels of service to each of my clients - for some I am the sole bookkeeper - others have a bookkeeper, or keep their own records, and I provide monthly reconciliations, review and analysis, and financial statements.  Each of my clients and their bookkeepers are able to contact me for guidance and assistance 24/7 (really!).  Whether it is assistance regarding an accounting issue, payroll, taxes, human resources, obtaining a loan - I stay up-to-date and am able to advise my clients in many business areas.  

All of my clients are well-prepared for audits.  And at tax time, books are ready for the tax accountant - pay the tax preparer only to file your taxes, not to re-hash and organize your set of books.  For all of my clients, I provide ongoing systems analysis - there are times when you should move up to the latest technology - there are times when you are better off with the status quo.  With continual training in the latest technological, software and on-line developments, I am able to advise my clients regarding office, accounting, and financial efficiency.  

I'm nestled into 25 acres in the hills of Glen, just south of Fultonville, but cloud technology and digital documents enable me to keep client books without leaving the beautiful view of my beloved Adirondacks.
 A weekly meeting... a monthly meeting... an individual plan for each individual client.  
And always, a phone call, a text, an e-mail away.

There are endless ways to organize your company's office and accounting system, it is an ongoing process...

Together, we will find a way that works for you... where professional meets personal.
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